our friendly support staffWhile substance dependence may not look like a disease to many people, addiction is a serious chronic medical condition that can be diagnosed and treated, just like any other disease.

A very simple, but accurate way of screening for addiction is the CAGE1 questionnaire, an internationally recognized assessment for identifying alcoholism. The CAGE questionnaire asks these four questions:

To score your CAGE response, score 0 for each no answer and 1 for each yes answer. A total score of two or more is considered clinically significant and suggests that you have an 85% chance of addiction. If you do score 2 or more, we recommend you make an appointment now and learn how we can take back control of your life.

It is important to note that you can have an addiction illness and still have a CAGE score of less than two. So, if you suspect you may have a problem, or have any doubts or concerns, click here to speak with our expert staff and set up a private, discreet clinical consultation.

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