URSI DoorsLike diabetes, or other chronic medical illnesses, true recovery from addiction requires treating more than the symptoms; it requires a multifaceted approach, which treats every aspect of the disease.

Our science-based program allows us to customize a treatment plan that fits your life — and you can put it to work immediately. Utilizing the best of proven medications, talking therapy, coping skills and nutrition, our approach treats addiction for what it is — a chronic medical illness.

Our individualized therapy then helps you to regain control of your mental and emotional life. All in a safe, discreet, outpatient setting that not only enables you to recover faster, it allows you to succeed in your own environment.

Personalized nutritional therapy correcting or treating nutritional deficiencies caused by alcohol and drug addiction is a key component in achieving a healthy and long-lasting sobriety.


Recent pharmaceutical advances offer our patients a faster, more effective outpatient treatment designed to jumpstart the recovery process. Our unique withdrawal stabilization approach can shorten withdrawal time to greatly improve your chances for successful recovery.

We do this by using the latest in psychopharmacology medications and research to treat the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that many users experience during the withdrawal stabilization process. In many cases, our program allows you to receive withdrawal treatment during the day and return to your home in the evening.

As withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can cause some serious medical stresses to your body, our Recovery Science team will work to ensure you have excellent medical oversight during this control period.

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