The last three decades of scientific research in neurosciences have proven addiction to be a chronic disease that begins in the brain. It's a fact: The use of pharmacotherapy, in combination with learning new coping skills to deal effectively with stress, can increase success rates up to 95%. We are specialists in the use of psychopharmaceuticals as part of our innovative addiction program. We continually seek new and effective medications so our patients receive the best outcome possible, and currently offer the following proven treatment medication options:

The medicines in these treatment options block the effects of alcohol and/or drugs within the brain, significantly decreasing cravings, the physical effects of withdrawal, especially in the early phase of treatment, and block the high or euphoria from the substance. They also help to heal some or all of the brain damage caused by past alcohol/drug use. (For more discussion on the advantages of using Anti-addiction medications as an important component of addiction treatment- click here)

To ensure the best chance for a successful recovery, our patients also participate in personalized nutritional consultation and therapy programs. Poor nutrition and distorted thinking are often associated with substance dependence. Correcting these critical nutritional deficiencies is a key component to achieving a healthy and long-lasting sobriety.

It is important to understand that medications to treat addiction are most effective when used in conjunction with talking therapy, nutritional treatment and a 12-step program (i.e. AA).