Urschel Recovery Science Waiting AreaThe Urschel Recovery Science Institute understands that addiction is a chronic medical disease. Through our innovative, scientifically tested treatment methods, we help restore your mind, body and human spirit. Because we offer a reality-based scientific solution to your illness, we can give you up to a 95% chance of long-term sobriety. We know, because we have seen it work countless times, right before our very eyes.

Think about these facts:

Were you aware up to 50% of all hospital admissions are for treatment caused or exacerbated by alcohol and drugs?

Are you surprised that 41% of alcoholics and drug addicts are professionals and white-collar workers?

Did you know in DFW alone, it's estimated there are 490,000 alcoholics and addicts?

There is good news:

By being at this Web site you are already one step closer to a successful program of long-term sobriety

The Urschel Recovery Science Institute team will bring the best tools that the latest scientific research has discovered to be effective in successfully treating addiction to bear on your individually assigned treatment plan. We employ the most innovative addiction treatment methods to help you stay sober.

Our mission is to make your sobriety successful and long-lasting and provide you hope and optimism for a formerly "untreated" illness.