Through Dr. Urschel’s leadership, The Urschel Recovery Science Institute has partnered with Enterhealth in order to provide our visitors and clients with cutting-edge tools to support their successful long term sobriety. One of Enterhealth’s founders, Dr. Urschel strongly encourages all URSI visitors and clients to learn about and utilize the vast array of Enterhealth’s services which significantly complement those received at URSI.

Enterhealth's innovative drug and alcohol recovery program offers clients a suite of recovery options customized according to their specific needs. Clients can access their program at any stage of the recovery process to help strengthen their chances for long term sobriety. Enterhealth services include:

Enterhealth's online recovery center is an eLearning resource that offers access to many of today's innovative addiction therapies. The first of its kind world-class alcohol and drug addiction recovery program, their online recovery center offers easy access and affordable recovery support. All of this designed with client anonymity in mind. Enterhealth’s online recovery services allow clients to avoid many of the societal issues associated with having drugs and/or alcohol addiction on their record.

By integrating many of the leading drug and alcohol addiction recovery therapies with the Internet, Enterhealth successfully bridges the gap between each client’s needs and the URSI recovery services. Enterhealth's online recovery center integrates their eLearning behavioral modification tools with one-on-one coaching so that each client can learn and practice the recovery coping skills necessary for long term sobriety.

Whether you are just starting recovery, currently in treatment or are already in a 12 Step group, Enterhealth provides the additional support you need throughout your recovery process. Working at your own pace and from the privacy of your own home, you have access to:
Their proprietary behavioral modification eLearning system
Individualized coaching by phone, email and instant messaging
Moderated discussion forums where you can communicate with experts and others in a controlled setting.

Scientifically sound free knowledge base and educational lessons
And for those with more advanced needs, their world-class, residential Life Recovery Center is just a phone call away. With Enterhealth you can choose the tools and resources that meet your needs. Best of all, your recovery, and your future, are just a click away at www.enterhealth.com.

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