Founded in 1998, the Urschel Recovery Science Institute is led by a team of professionals including Harold C. Urschel, III M.D. and Irina Gromov, M.D. Ph.D., both board-certified in Addiction Psychiatry, with extensive clinical, research, educational and academic experience in the diagnosis and treatment of addictive and psychiatric disorders.

Working in close collaboration with leading academic centers in the country, such as Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and the University of California in Los Angeles, we are one of the leading groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in both diagnosis and treatment of disorders of alcohol and drug addiction.

Dr. Urschel and his clinical team have helped to pioneer the development of all of the newest anti-addiction medications/protocols developed in the last ten years, by playing a leading role in clinical research trials (Vivitrol, Suboxone, Prometa, and Campral). Close affiliation with the nation’s leading addiction research academic institutions, as well as its continued participation in the national addiction clinical research trials, ensures that all URSI clients will always have access to the latest, scientifically-proven treatments to help them achieve a successful recovery.

Our Founder — Dr. Harold C. Urschel, III
Our Medical Director — Dr. Irina Gromov
Our Professional Recovery Team

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